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UAS Consulting Services

At Lowers Drone Solutions (LDS), we specialize in guiding your organization into the exciting world of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operations. Our seasoned experts are here to simplify the process, from initial licensing to ongoing success.

Expertise in Action


Acquire and Maintain FAA Licensing

Our experienced team serves as project managers and liaisons between the FAA and other regulatory bodies.

Ensure your organization obtains the necessary licenses for safe and legal UAS operations.

Develop Standard Operating Procedures

Collaborate with our experts to create SOPs that prioritize safety and efficiency.

Customized procedures tailored to your organization's needs.

UAS Procurement

Leverage our extensive UAS technology knowledge for informed procurement decisions.

We assist in selecting the ideal UAS platform, hardware, and software components while ensuring compliance with both federal and state regulations.

Pilot Training

Implement a comprehensive UAS pilot training program with our guidance.

From basic Part 107 and Public Aircraft Operations to advanced field operations, we've got you covered.

On-Going Analysis, Assessment, and Training

Our support doesn't end after launch – we provide continuous analysis and assessment of your UAS operations.

Maintain flight logs, provide ongoing training, and ensure the sustained success of your program.

How We Help:


Aviation Excellence:

Our experts boast extensive experience in both Military and Law Enforcement aviation operations, ensuring a deep understanding of your needs.

Tailored Programs:

We design UAS operations programs that cater to both public and private sector entities.

Expert Consulting:

Benefit from our proven track record in developing successful UAS programs.

Comprehensive Support:

We offer technical guidance, procurement assistance, training, and ongoing support all under one roof.

Your UAS Partner:

LDS becomes your single point of contact for everything UAS-related.

Your Success is Our Mission.

Embark on your UAS journey with confidence. Reach out to us to discuss how we can propel your organization into the future of aerial operations.

About Us

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For over 40 years, Lowers Risk Group has provided insurance professionals a single point of contact for managing complex pre- and post-loss challenges. As a global risk mitigation, consulting, and technology company, LRG launched its drone program to uniquely support its client’s risk mitigation goals and elevate their insurance programs using modern UAV systems.

Lowers Drone Solutions simplifies the collection, analysis, and distribution of drone data for insurance professionals and business owners around the world. Combining a global pilot network, custom dashboard, and collaborative process, we provide clients with complete data accessibility and transparency. By accelerating data analysis and informed decision-making, we help insurance professionals and business owners reach their safety and compliance goals faster and at a lower cost.

We believe successful drone programs catalyze growth. From inspections and asset protection to loss adjusting and recovery, if you’re ready to fly, contact us today and let’s get started.


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